Keith earned a Doctorate degree in physical therapy from CU –Denver’s Physical Therapy Program in 2012. He originally earned a Master’s in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 2003 and earned a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado - Boulder in 2001. His practice encompasses all orthopedic conditions, injuries, and impairments. He emphasizes manual therapy as a major component of care. These techniques, which can assist in reducing pain and improve healing, include joint manipulation, soft tissue mobilization/massage, Muscle Energy Technique, and Associative Awareness Technique for chronic pain. Additionally, he is certified and trained to design custom-molded foot orthotics, utilizes Kinesiotape for many conditions, and encourages his patients to implement an adequate home exercise program in order to continue to progress independently after formal physical therapy. He believes in individual and focused care and will strive to provide an environment of healing to allow his patients the best opportunity to achieve their goals. Keith’s wife is an elementary school teacher and they have three children together.